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Neighbors of Germantown | The Aylward Family – Serving the Community Together.

“We’ve built such a wonderful live in and around Memphis, as our family has expanded. And our greatest hope is to help more growing families enjoy the same. To move and improve their lives, as they find their way home”

“At the center of my move to Memphis is love and ultimately people. Connections to one another. I absolutely love meeting people, getting to know them, and helping them through such important steps in their lives. Many times this has led to laughter, tears and late nights becoming close friends along the way.” Sarah added, “As I’ve helped people find their way home in Memphis, they have also made Memphis home for me and my family. It’s the most wonderful circle.” 

Sarah said that she and Nick bring out the best in one another, as well as light a competitive fire in one another. … “I am thrilled to bring Nick into the world of real estate. It means so much to me. He’s such an attentive incredibly listener, with an astoundingly intuitive approach to solving problems and helping people. I honestly cannot imagine a better counterpart to build a business with. Especially because I know how much he cares about people.”

Together was the only path. It was a no brainer for the couple to be with their children and to succeed, working in real estate. … “In marriage we have pushed each other to become better versions of ourselves,” said Nick. “Why would we not extend the same to our professional life? And what better teammate than the one you already excel alongside so well.”

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Sarah Interviewed In 901 Podcast

Sarah Aylward | Introduction Interview

“Sarah Aylward with Crye-Leike Quail Hollow is one of the more interesting people that I’ve had the opportunity to chat with on the show. Her amazing path the Memphis and real estate is something that we could have spent even more time on but I had to make sure to save a few minutes to talk about how incredible her career is going too. As you listen to her interview, know that she initially told me, “I’m just not sure if my story is all that interesting and if anyone will want to listen.” Once you’re done laughing, make sure you give her a hard time about that too.”

Managing Expectations in Shifting Market | minute 38:00

“Managing Expectations is more important than ever given the chaotic and unpredictable state of our current market conditions. To discuss the importance of this topic I brought back two of my favorite people in real estate in Sarah Aylward with Crye-Leike Quail Hollow and Tina Andrade with Fast Track Realty.”

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