Sarah & Nick Aylward


In a world with a plethora of tv shows, Youtube, and social media videos that give you a blueprint for how to do things yourself, why would you not?  I am just like everyone else and gain inspiration and confidence that I can build that deck, or change my brake pads, or bake a loaf of sourdough, or….SELL MY OWN HOME.

Those of you that follow us on social media know that we are huge advocates of hiring a professional.  Yes, this is how we make money so of course that’s why we would take that stance, but more importantly we understand the intricacies and difficulties with selling a home.  There is a huge misconception that you can save money by putting a sign in your front yard and just having buyers come to you and cut out the middle man.  I will explain the advantages of hiring a Realtor, but first I want you to think about a few scenarios… If you were on trial for a crime you did not commit, would you represent yourself, or would you hire counsel to represent you?  You’ve seen enough Law & Order, you got this.  If your electrical panel needed to be updated, would you put on a pair of gloves and a headlamp, or would you call an electrician?  As a wise electrician once told me, when trying to do electrical work yourself, you only guess wrong once.


By selling your own home, you can avoid paying a full commission, which means more money, right? WRONG!  Statistics show that FSBO homes sell for approximately 26% less than agent-assisted home sales.  So, while you may save on money spent toward commissions, you will actually net a great deal less.  An agent that advocates on your behalf can use a competitive market analysis for pricing strategy, market your property, coordinate showings, handle negotiations and contingencies, facilitate necessary documents, and most importantly can hold the deal together all the way to the closing table.  Are you going to draw up all of the necessary legal documents?  Would you like to schedule all the showings?  How about negotiating terms that are unfamiliar?  There are a multitude of things that are done behind the scenes that people are unaware of.

So instead of cutting corners and costs, trust a licensed professional…whether it is a Realtor or a Cardiologist.